Wheel of Names and Spin the Wheel – Random Picker are two similar programs that enable you to make your own wheel of fortune. When students get the task to make their own wheel within certain boundaries, they can explore what type of words should be used to generate in a specific context.

This can vary from extending vocabulary (adjectives, adverbs, interjections …) that can thereafter be applied in text writing, a rap, a poem etc., to creating several wheels with a group of students, whereby the words on the wheels should result in phrases that make sense or are grammatically correct.

The programs could also be used as a test before students create physical cardboard wheels. See NRK Eides Språksjov (fra minutt 19 videre) where spinning wheels are used to make slogans.


 Kjøp  Gratis
 Egnet for Wheel Decide – datamaskin og browser

Spin the Wheel- iPhone, iPad, Google Play/Android

 Krever Wheel Decide – browser 

Spin the Wheel – iOS 9.0 or later, Android ?

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